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Decluttering is like marmite, you either love it or hate it.

If you are in the love it camp! YAAAAY!!  If you are in the ‘Hate It Camp’ then I can help you and it starts with downloading my Guide on How To Declutter Without Overwhelm.

In the Guide I cover:

💜 Making sure you are in a good place

💜 How to plan

💜 How to prepare

💜 What to do on the day

From beginning to end, I am with you, holding your hand, guiding and supporting you taking you from AARRGGGGHHHH to aaaaaghhh!  Which is the best place to be.

Affirmations are a fabulous way to help you develop a positive mindset. 

They work by allowing us to control what we are thinking at that moment.  As we repeat an affirmation, we are sending a positive message to ourselves.  In that moment, we are no longer thinking a negative thought, we are lifting our vibration, our energy and through repeating the affirmation we are reframing the negative one.   How amazing is that?

Included in the download

💜 4 x Affirmation Wallpapers for you to add to your phone.

💜 Choose from: ‘I am not afraid to sparkle like the stars in the sky’; ‘I am worthy, loveable and enough’; I am who I am, Not who you think I am, Not who you want me to be, I am me’; ‘I believe in my own abilities’

💜 Each affirmation is set on a beautiful background

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spiritual life coach Jenny Howarth

Hi, I'm,Jenny Howarth, an Oracle & Spiritual Life Coach.

I am passionate about helping women be the best they can be, I know what it is like to feel stuck, to feel like a door mat and feel like there is nothing to do but accept life as it is. It’s a really crappy place to be and I don’t want to see you there.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I want to support, guide and nurture you, so that you can discover your own inner sparkle and life purpose. To do this, I am bringing all what I’ve learned and experienced over the years. so that I can help you…

💜 Discover and reconnect with your true self in ways that are easy, doable and will make you feel alive and empowered.

💜 Have self-belief and confidence in who you are, your unique talents and abilities

💜 With tools and strategies that will enable you to face whatever life flings at you without fear, stress or anxiety.

💜 Discover and reconnect with who you truly are

With my support you will be able to live life on your terms, an unstoppable force, sparkling the shizzam out of life and doing what you love.  You can learn more about me here

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