Everyone of us has sparkle, that magic within us, that lights us up, that makes us shine and feel alive but we hide it… WHY?

Because we are fearful, we are afraid of rocking the boat, afraid of what others will say either to us or out with earshot. We know what we truly want but we allow our ego to give us a thousand reasons why we need to keep it locked away, hidden from view.

We allow ourselves to stay confined in a box. We allow ourselves to conform to whatever idea, thought, or belief we should be instead of saying …

“I am who I am, if you don’t like it go fizzle”

We all have that inner sparkle, don’t be afraid to show it.

Work With Me...

I offer Classic Card Readings and Numerology Readings

These are for you if

✔you are feeling stuck and need guidance on what to do

✔you are needing guidance on what is happening right now in your life

✔you want to unlock the secrets behind your name and birthday

Sparkle Blog...

Every week, I publish blogs around

💜 Spiritual Guidance

💜 Tools and Strategies

💜  Guidance and Support

Every blog is aimed at helping, supporting and nurturing you to be the sparkly, awesome person, you are here to be

Free Resources...

You are in the right place to find amazing FREE resources that will

💜 Raise your vibration

💜 Help unleash your sparkle

💜 Support and guide you on your life path

💜 Help get you unstuck

💜 Bring calm to a hectic reality

spiritual life coach Jenny Howarth

Hi, I'm Jenny Howarth, an Oracle & Spiritual Life Coach.

I am passionate about helping women be the best they can be, I know what it is like to feel stuck, to feel like a door mat and feel like there is nothing to do but accept life as it is. It’s a really crappy place to be and I don’t want to see you there.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I want to support, guide and nurture you, so that you can discover your own inner sparkle and life purpose. To do this, I am bringing all what I’ve learned and experienced over the years. so that I can help you…

💜 Discover and reconnect with your true self in ways that are easy, doable and will make you feel alive and empowered.

💜 Have self-belief and confidence in who you are, your unique talents and abilities

💜 With tools and strategies that will enable you to face whatever life flings at you without fear, stress or anxiety.

💜 Discover and reconnect with who you truly are

With my support you will be able to live life on your terms, an unstoppable force, sparkling the shizzam out of life and doing what you love.  You can learn more about me here

If you have any questions, please use the contact form below or message me over on Facebook

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Mission Statement

Empowering women to unleash their sparkle, that magic within, that lights you up, makes you shine and feel alive




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